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How to create your own ASD?

  1. Remove any security programs that are not approved by Arise

  2. Purchase an 8 GB or larger thumb drive

  3. Download the ASD Updater   

  4. Disconnect all other storage devices from the computer. This includes external hard drives, all usb flash drives, phones, and SD cards. 

  5. Connect the USB flashdrive 

  6. Launch the ASD Updater and under "Select a Drive" select the drive letter assigned to the USB Flash Drive by Windows.


  7. Select "Start Flash".

  8. You will be prompted to confirm your drive selection. If the proper drive is selected press yes to continue the update process.


  9. If the update was successful you should be shown a write successful dialogue:


  10. Press OK to complete the update process. 


  11. **** HOW TO LOG INTO YOUR ASD***


  12. Contact us through web page "chat" or "contact us form" if you need any more help.

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