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Gadget Doctor Technology (GD Tech) was founded by April Frazier and Richard Hicks. April is a retired Army Disabled Veteran who served 24 years in the military providing quality customer service, quality assurance and conflict resolution.  Her passion to help others is the driving force behind finding ways to assist her fellow Veterans and improve her community.  April has an extensive background in Inspections and Investigations, Resource Management, Technical Management, Quality Control, Victim Advocacy, Veteran Outreach and Program Management.

Richard has worked as an independent contractor in the Information Technology Field for more than 10 years. He has a love for technology that started long before he entered the work force. This passion and his gift for seeing the potential in technological advancement led him to this career path.  Richard saw the benefit of utilizing technology to improve work and work opportunities.  Richard’s background experience includes formal education in Science and Technology, Data Management, Financial Management and Professional Customer Service. 


GD Techwork is a Veteran owned, veteran friendly organization rooted in Christian values. Here we empower our agents to accomplish more than just doing their job. We reward them for going above and beyond the standard. We aim to educate young adults on financial and business independents and empower them with skills that will allow them to excel in whatever career field they desire.

GD Tech work was established to provide an alternative employment options for individuals whose lifestyles don’t conform to the traditional work schedule. Individuals with disabilities or restrictions that prevent them from commuting regularly, deserve to have quality employment options available to them just as everyone else has. GD Tech goal is to partner with these individuals and give them the means to become an independent contractor capable of selecting their own clients and establishing their own work schedule. This gives them the means and opportunity to provide for their families and improve their individual situations.  

Here at GD Tech we realized how many people struggle to keep their jobs while battling the curves that life throws at us, so the idea of GD Tech was birthed. We are still evolving and experience growing pains, but we will continue to move towards success and independence for everyone we encounter. 

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